Meter Reading Monday – 31st March 2014

Meter Reading Monday – 31st March 2014

Hey Guys,

While energy prices are all going up this week SSE has frozen them till 2016. But while that is good news, I am on a No Standing Charge SSE / Ebico tariff so I don’t get the freeze. In-fact this week my electricity unit rates have gone DOWN!! Not by much, but they have gone down and that’s the main point.

Anyway, let’s crack on

Water (Yorkshire Water)

Standing Charge – £2


Units: This week my water meter reading is 00028.471, this means I have used 0.353 of water this week. While it is above my weekly target of 0.250, it is less than last weeks 0.505. As I have not hit 29 main units yet I do not need to make any payment this week for the units.

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Gas (Ebico / SSE)

Gas meter this week is 3449 and as always, a £0 bill.

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Electricity (Ebico / SSE)

  • Rate 1 this week is 00536. This means I have used 6 units @ £0.1994 per unit = £1.16
  • Rate 2 this week is 00130, This means I have used 0 units @ £0.0733 per unit = £0.00

Total this week including VAT = £1,22

While I am happy I have used just over £1 this week I know I can do better, I just need to work harder.


As you can see I have paid £2 this week, I am just rounding it up as I like round figures on my bank statement.


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