Meter Reading Monday – 30th October 2017

Meter Reading Monday – 30th October 2017

Hey Guys,

If you read my blog last week, you will know I have left Iresa due to all the billing and payment problems and I am now with E.ON. If you missed last weeks blog you can read it HERE, (Iresa don’t even take card payment, that’s how bad they are)

So yeah, here we go for this weeks Meter Reading Monday…..

Today’s meter is showing a reading of 10073, which means I have used 25 units = £5.05 (including Standing Charges) this week!

Today’s reading is 12660 which means I have used 280 units since the last reading = £12.62 (including Standing Charges)


Water Meter: 00066.319

As I have now hit 66 main units and no longer on 65 I have needed to make a £4 payment for that 1 unit, on top of the £3 weekly standing charge. Which means I have paid Yorkshire Water £7 this week!

Till Next Time,

The 0871 Man x

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