Meter Reading Monday – 2nd January 2017

Meter Reading Monday – 2nd January 2017

Well its a New Year and a new layout on the website, still trying to find one I like, think I may have finally found it just a few tweeks to do then I will be happy, so lets get on to the important stuff and find out how my meter readings are this week…

Weekly Standing Charge: £2

As for the units, today my meter is showing a reading of 00029.287, which means I have used 00000.613 units this past week. I know this is over my target of 00000.500 per week, but it was Christmas and New Year so do not mind going over target this time 🙂

As I have not hit 00030.000 main units yet, so I have not needed to make any more payments, just the £2 weekly Standing Charge!

Today’s reading is 11761.711 which means I have used 526 kWh, I know this is crazy high at £21.95 for JUST one week of gas. But it is my own fault. I was ill a few weeks ago so I have had the heating on high pretty much 24/7 to keep my warm, and eaten loads of jacket potatoes to keep me warm on the inside too, so the gas cooker has been on daily.

I have lost 5.1lbs this week eating nothing but jacket potatoes, so that kinda helps the £21 gas bill! lol

Today’s meter is showing a reading of 09081, last weeks reading is 09046, this means I have used a massive 35 units this week, totals £7.17.

I know this is a stupid amount of electric. I have had the fridge freezer, PS4, large TV, and 2 laptops on pretty much none stop this past week. So so silly.

I have already taken action to bring this electric down again. I have had my PS4 and large TV on 24/7 this week, but I only use my PS4 to plan DVDs, in this case it was Birds Of A Feather. But I have now turned the PS4 and large TV off again now, and started to watch Birds Of A Feather DVDs on my laptop.

I used to watch DVDs on my laptop, I just became lazy and used the PS4, so glad I have taken some action.

Till next time,

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