Meter Reading Monday – 2nd December 2014

Meter Reading Monday – 2nd December 2014

Hey Guys,

God I’m in a good mood today, it’s 5.05am right now and I have just got home from my morning walk with Bella. I do love our mornings walks, just me, her, the night sky and Now That’s What I Call 90’s on the iPhone. I don’t have early morning walks over the weekend due to young drunk teens walking home from the clubs in Leeds city centre, due to this me and Bella have our morning walks a little late. So yep, it’s nice that when Monday comes along as it feels so good to get that early morning fresh air back in my lungs!

Anyhow, let’s crack on… 


First one small mistake from last weeks Meter Reading Monday blog – I hit 00042 main units on my Yorkshire Water meter, but forgot to make the £4 payment for that extra unit, oops, I have now made that payment.


Weekly Standing Charge – £2


Units: This week my water meter reading is 00042.228, means I have used 0.152 these last 7 days. As I’m well under my weekly 0.250 target this week I’m going to go crazy and do an extra washing machine load this week! I really do know how to live the high life haha :p


Gas meter this week is 3449 and as always, a £0 bill.


This week’s electricity reading is 00025, Means I used 10 units @ £0.1591 per unit = £1.57 (including VAT)


(As normal I have rounded the £1.57 up to £2.00 so my SSE Account can climb into credit)

Now I have my brand new meter installed (after 6 months of broke meters), It’s nice to finally know how much I’m using. Unfortunately I have gone over target this week at £1.57 when my target is £1.50, but I’m not going to let 7p bother me. I’ll just make sure this next week I’m under to make up for it!

Till next time,
Newt x

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