Meter Reading Monday – 29th May 2016

Meter Reading Monday – 29th May 2016

Hey Guys,

I know I normally start this meter reading blogs with a small bit of text about what TV show I am watching, what I did over the weekend, or something like that. But truth be told I am feeling very down this weekend so if you do not mind I will just go straight into the meter readings, I also know its Sunday, and not Monday, I just needed something to do this evening.

water-bannerWeekly Standing Charge £2

As for the units, this week my meter is showing a reading of 00006.361, this means I have used 0.210 of water these last 7 days.

My Gas meter today is showing a reading of 10785.656, this means I have used 7.421 of units this past week. I still can’t work out what 7 units of gas is, as gas meters show units in kWs, but gas is billed in m3 (whatever that means). But I have phoned Sainsburys Energy and been told 7 units is £2.65.

Electricity meter this week is 08089, which means I have used 9 units this week @ £0.13p per unit = £1.17, little over target, by 17p, but not too bad.

Till next week.

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