Meter Reading Monday – 28th March 2016

Meter Reading Monday – 28th March 2016

Hey Guys,

As I said in last weeks blog I joined British Gas on March the 7th when I moved into the new place. I joined them for two reasons. First because they already supplied this house when I bought the place, and 2nd because they offered a £50 Amazon voucher for the tariff I picked.

I also contacted British Gas over Twitter DM’s these past few weeks and was helped by a lad called Dan, he was literary perfect. He even cracked a joke and put “lol” in a message. While I won’t be staying with British Gas as I want to move to a cheaper company, I do feel happy with British Gas after this outstanding customer service.

Anyway, this weeks Meter Reading’s.


Weekly Standing Charge £2

As for the units, this week my water meter is showing a reading of 00000.427, which means I have used 0.199 these last 7 days. Well under my 0.250 weekly target which Is nice.


This week my gas meter is showing a reading of 10734.001 which means I have used no gas at all and used 0 units.


Reading this week is 08010, this means I have used 12 units @ £0.1229 per unit = £1.47.

While I am not too happy about this, as I am over my £1 per week target, but since I used no gas this week it all levels out.

Till next time,
Lee (Newt)

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