Meter Reading Monday – 25th November 2013

Meter Reading Monday – 25th November 2013

Hey Guys,

First off, sorry I didn’t post Sundays blog yesterday. Things have been little crazy here so just didn’t have time, but I will be trying to post it tomorrow instead.

As normal, gas and water have been 0 units so £0 bills.[divider style=”dashed”]


This weeks electricity has been very high. Unfortunately my dog has been feeling under the weather this last week. Nothing to worry about as I have had the vet out to have a look at her and dogs go throught this sort of stuff once a year or so.

Due to her being not herself I put her electric blanket on 24/7 this week even though she didn’t sleep on it all the time (ie. when she was too warm), but I still left it on so when she did want it, it was there, I know it’s not very “money saving”, but she is very important to me, this is why I have had an ‘off-week’ this week.

Anyway on to the reading, and remember prices went up last week

  • Rate 1 this week is: 00368, means I have used 16 units at £0.1994 per unit costing £3.19
  • Rate 2 this week is: 00096, means I have used 3 units at £0.0768  per unit costing £0.23

Total including VAT this week is £3.59

Like I say, that is very high for me seeing as a normal week is £1.06, but I don’t care this week to be honest as it was for a good reason and considering how much I have saved over the past few weeks having an odd week like this doesn’t seem to bad as it is still works out a lot cheaper a month than what I was paying at the beginning half of the year.

Till tomorrow,
Newt x

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