Meter Reading Monday – 25th August 2014

Meter Reading Monday – 25th August 2014

Hey Guys,

This week I’ve been getting ready for winter lock down. In the summer months it’s nice to use all the house, but as soon as winter come along and the coldness is back it’s time to make a few changes.

This is the 3rd winter now with no heating and while I’m doing good and enjoying my life, I am still learning the best way to do things.

First is the house itself; In winter I only use 2 rooms, the bedroom and the bathroom. The kitchen, living room and spare bedroom don’t really get used. Why? Well it’s easier to keep just a few rooms warm than the full house.

Due to this I’ve been doing a few things. I have shampooed all the carpets in the house, washed down all the skirting boards, washed down all the coving, washed down the doors/windows/front door and pretty much having a good deep clean.

I’ve also ordered some paint that I’m waiting to arrive. I will be giving the bedroom a fresh coat of “Brilliant White”, I know I only painted in the summer, but as it’s winter lock down it’s nice to be in a freshly clean room.

Water (Yorkshire Water)

Due to all the deep cleaning it means my water will be sky high this week, but I don’t care, at this time of the year it’s very important to get ready for winter.

Weekly Standing Charge – £2

Units: This week my water meter reading is 00038.513, means I have used 1.524 units of water these last 7 days. I gave myself a 2 unit target this week due to the amount of deep cleaning I have been doing, so the fact I have managed to use only 1.5 is awesome and it’s left me in a really good moon.

As I’ve hit 38 main units I’ve made a £8 payment to Yorkshire Water this week. £2 for the normal weekly standing charge, plus £6 for the 2 units of water I’ve used since I hit 36 main units.

Good Afternoon Mr Beaumont

In regards to your recent contact I can confirm that your payment of £8.00
has gone through. The 12p charge for credit card payments has been credited to
your account as well.

If you would like to speak to us about this email at all please contact us
on 0345 1 24 24 24.

Joshua Town
Customer Relationship Manager

Gas (Ebico / SSE)

Gas meter this week is 3449 and as always, a £0 bill.

Electricity (Ebico / SSE)

  • Rate 1 this week is unknown, Means I have used 0 units @ £0.1994 per unit = £unknown
  • Rate 2 this week is unknown, Means I have used 0 units @ £0.0733 per unit = £unknown

Total this week including VAT = £unknown

We have made progress with the broken electricity meter, a man will be coming out on the 2nd of September (next Tuesday) to read the meters including the check-meter, then someone will be around in a few weeks to install the new meter.


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