Meter Reading Monday – 23rd October 2017

Meter Reading Monday – 23rd October 2017

Hey Guys,

Old followers will remember I used to do Meter Reading Monday blogs every Monday, where I take my meter readings, work out how much I have used, paid for that weeks energy and water with my debit card, and also give myself targets.

Some of my best was when I was using under £5 of electricity per month. Back when I was with Ebico (run by SSE at the time) and had no standing charges.

These blogs went on while I was with Sainsbury’s Energy, British Gas and Scottish Power. Unfortunately when I moved to White Rose Energy things started to take a turn for the worse, then when I was with Iresa the blogs was just sheer impossible due to the problems I was having.

Iresa do not even take card payments, or bank transfer, they ONLY accept payment via Direct Debit. So for people like me who pay for there energy weekly it was impossible. They also failed to bill my account for 5 months (the bills they sent, had the same meter readings).

But Good News…..

I am now no longer with Iresa. As of Wednesday last week my gas has been with E.ON, and as of today, my electricity is also with E.ON.

I know E.ON is not the cheapest, but I have tried smaller energy companies, and while yes, they are cheap. My god the customer support is non existence at Iresa, in-fact there was only one person at Iresa who was willing to help, a girl called Holly. But still, she was unable to do most things due to system problems with my Direct Debit date, and management blocking my switch due to incorrect way they have read the Ofgem rules. (I have a case with the Ombudsman now)

You have to ask yourself: Would you rather have cheap prices and crap customer care? Or pay a little extra and have good customer care? For me it’s the latter. It did not used to be, I used to always go for price alone. But the amount of stress Iresa has put me under the past few months I would rather pay little more and be with one of the ‘Big Six’.

My opening readings with E.ON are below…….

Gas: 12635.651
Electricity: 10048

I will be back next week with my first Meter Reading Monday blog now I’m back with a proper energy supplier, but before I go, this weeks water….

Water Meter: 00065.402

As I’m still on 65 main units I do not need to pay for a unit this week. So I’ll just pay this weeks £3 standing charge 🙂

Till next time,

The 0871 Man



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