Meter Reading Monday – 21st October 2013

Meter Reading Monday – 21st October 2013

Hey Guys,

Hope you are all well…

Again used 0 gas and 0 mains water this week. But them two are just getting boring now lol.

As for electric, here we are;

  • Rate 1 reading: 00324. Which means I have used 5 units this week costing £0.92(excluding VAT).
  • Rate 2 reading: 00089. Which means I have used 1 unit this week costing £0.06 (excluding VAT).

This means this week bill including VAT is £1.04.

I am in total shock. I was very happy last week with using 17 units on rate 1 and having a weekly bill of £3.66 including VAT. But this week, wow, I am in total shock.

When the news about my SSE 8.2% price rise came to light just over a week ago I did turn my fridge & freezer off thinking it would maybe save 1-2 units over the week. But to my supprise, it has made me drop from 17 units to just 5. So in reality, a fridge / freezer must use around 12 units of electricity a week. If I new this months ago I would of stopped using it months ago…..look….even I can be stupid sometimes lol

Anyway, that’s me done for today and will see you tomorrow for Telecom Tuesday.

Newt x

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