Meter Reading Monday – 21st March 2016

Meter Reading Monday – 21st March 2016

Hey Guys,

With Bella and myself now setted into the new house after moving over the last few weeks it is time to get back to normal with Meter Reading Monday.

My gas and electricity was with British Gas when I picked up the keys and moved into this house, so having looked into things online I have gone for British Gas HomeEnergy Reward Jun 2017 tariff, because you get a £50 Amazon voucher sent within 28 days, plus there is no exit fees. So I signed up and I am waiting for the voucher to arrive, then going to leave and find the cheapest energy company for me at this new house.

As for my water, when I moved in there was no water meter and the unmetered bill was £30 a month, which Is double what I pay on a water meter, because of this I phoned my account manager at Yorkshire Water, where she arranged to have a water meter installed and it was installed on Wednesday, so it is really nice to have cheap water bills again.

So yep, Meter Reading Monday here we go…..


Weekly Standing Charge £2

As for the units, this week my water meter is showing a reading of 00000.228 which is bang on target. Before I moved house and had the building work done at the old house my weekly target was 0.250 per week, so it is really nice to have that back again.

If I keep at the 0.250 target that means I will use 1 full unit of water per month (£4), and with my £8 standing charge £2 per week), that means my monthly water bill will be £12 per month, less than half of the rip-off £30 per month for non-metered households.


Reading this week is 10734.001, I do not have the reading of last week so can not work out how much I have used. But as I have taken the reading now, next week I will be able to do this correctly.


Reading this week is 07998, when I moved in on March 7th the reading was 07981. This means I have used 17 units @ £0.1229 = £2.09 for these last 2 weeks. Which works out at £1.05 per week.

Little over my £1 per week target, but as I was moving in the last 2 weeks and had people in drinking tea, installing water meters etc I am not massively concerned, plus I will make sure I am back to £1 next week.

It is nice to be doing the weekly Meter Reading Monday blogs again.

Till next week,
Lee / Newt

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