Meter Reading Monday – 19th September 2016

Meter Reading Monday – 19th September 2016

Hey Guys,

Well look at me, doing a Meter Reading Monday blog for a change, lol. In-case you missed my blog last week I brought my water, gas, and electricity accounts fully up to date, plus I also made a promise to myself that I will start doing my weekly Meter Reading Monday blog’s again like I used to, before I fell-out of the routine of doing them.

Oh and you might also notice a few changes around here too, I installed a new theme last week and currently doing a few changes to make it look nice so I am happy with it, so do not worry if you read any old information, or find a dead link, I am working on it!!



Weekly Standing Charge: £2


As for the units, today my meter is showing a reading of 00016.661 which means I have used 0.270 units of water since my update blog the end of last week.

With my readings all up to date I can now start giving myself targets again. This week I have given myself a target of 0.500 (half a unit), while this is double my old weekly target when I used to do these weekly blogs (0.250) per week, I need to work on getting it lower again, and my first new weekly target of 0.500 is a good start.


My Gas meter is showing a reading of 10880.845, which means I have used 2.094 units since my update blog on Friday = £1.96

This week my Gas target will be 4 units. I know I have used just under 3 units in half a week, so 4 units for a week pretty low, but I really need to work hard to get my energy usage like It used to be, back in the day.


Electricity meter reading this week is 08242, which means I have used 7 units since my update blog = £1.52

This week my target for electricity will be 10 units for the full week. Last year I was using around £1 of electricity per week when I was with Ebico, I know I will not get that low while I am with Sainsbury’s Energy / British Gas, due to the standing charge, but if I can get it to around £2.50-£3.00 per week I will be happy with that, then when my contact with SE/BG runs out I can move back to Ebico again for the no standing charge 🙂


£1.96 (Gas) + £1.52 (Electricity) = £3.48


Till next time,

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