Meter Reading Monday – 18th December 2017

Meter Reading Monday – 18th December 2017

Hey Guys,

If you follow me on Twitter you will know over the past 5 weeks Northern Gas have been installing new main gas pipes, this means some weeks I’ve had no gas at all and had to use my plug-in electric heater. Then some of the weeks when I have had gas, the gas has been showing on my meter, even though I have not actually been using it.

Due to this my meter readings will be sky high this week. My electric will be high due to the expensive running cost of electric heaters, plus the gas will be high due to the work that has been doing on.

Today’s meter is showing a reading of 10580, which means I have used 469 units = £78.88 (including Standing Charges) this past 5 weeks. Like I say I was fully expecting this. But due to the work now being done and finished with as of next week it will be low again. It’s not everyday (or every year come to that) my street and garden is dug up for new pipes so not really fussed. Just glad it’s less than £100 truth be told!!!

Today’s reading is 12912.427 which means I have used 2,148 units = £92.85 (including Standing Charges). This is Shockley high when the gas had been turned off. I’ve made a formal complaint regarding this and waiting to hear back from Northern Gas / E.ON.

As this blog is covering 5 weeks I’ve needed to pay 5 weeks of standing charges…

20th November 2017 £3
27th November 2017 £3
4th December 2017 £3
11th December 2017 £3
18th December 2017 £3

The water meter is also showing a reading of 00072.415, which means I’ve used 4.801 units and as such, needed to make a payment for those 4 units.

5 weeks @ £3 standing charge = £15.00
4 full units @ £4 per unit = £16.00

Total: £31.00

Till next time,

The 0871 Man x

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