Meter Reading Monday – 16th March 2015

Meter Reading Monday – 16th March 2015

Hey Guys,

Last Meter Reading Monday I said how I was just starting Waterloo Road series 1. Well since last Monday I have finished not only that series but have also blitzed through both series 2 and 3, and now have moved onto series 4 (spring term).

I have to be honest for me I feel that series 4 is weak. It is too violent, I mean in the very first episode we see the Kelly’s join the show, and in the same episode Earl Kelly starts waving a gun around and starts threatening Paul and Bolton. I’m just glad Jasmine, Steph and Matt are here to keep the fun, they all find the new PE teacher “fit” which leads to some very funny comedy moments.

However I am really looking forward to series 5, so going to try and watch series 4 as fast as possible, anyway, let’s crack on with this weeks meter readings….


Weekly Standing Charge – £2

YW (4)

As for the Units: My water meter reading this week is 00046.905, this means I have used 0.249 units these last 7 days. For the 1st time in over a month I am back under my weekly 0.250 target, thank goodness, while this is only by 0.001 of a unit, at the moment I will take anything I can get :D.


Gas meter this week is 3449 and as always, a £0 bill.

Reading this week is 00126 Means I used 5 units @ £0.1591 per unit = £0.84 (including VAT).

SSE (12)

Under the £1 mark for a 3rd week in a row now, I am on a roll lets hope it stays this way lol. Oh and as normal I have rounded the 84p up to £1 so my SSE account can climb into credit without me even thinking about it.

Till next time,

Newt x

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