Meter Reading Monday – 16th April 2018

Meter Reading Monday – 16th April 2018

Hey Guys,

So, finally, E.ON has fixed the meter problems. It was getting to a point I didn’t think they would EVER get them fixed. It should have been simple. Take the old meters out, put the new ‘smart’ meters in. In-fact on my last blog, on the 13th of January I said “I’m having brand new smart meters installed Tuesday morning. ”, I was happy, pleased, didn’t think my meter changeover would have any problems. But it did, that’s over now anyway. Back to normal……..

Today’s meter is showing a reading of 0000319, I’m not even going to try and work out how this breaks down with units over the past 4 months, plus I’ve had a few goodwill payments too. So instead I’ve just put the meter readings into the E.ON website and let it tell me how much I owe.

Today’s gas reading is 00527. So I put the Gas and elec reading onto the E.ON website and it came back with a “debt” of £51.94.

So yeah, I have made this £51.94 payment and glad the problems of the last 4 months are finally over.

It’s been 15 weeks since my last blog, so have needed to pay 15 weeks of Yorkshire Water standing Charges.

15 x £3.00 weekly standing charge = £45.00

Plus the meter is showing a reading of 00088.619, which means I’ve used 8 full units since last time.

8 x £4.00 per unit = £32.00

Total payment : £77.00

Now all the E.ON issues are fixed, I will be back to normal now.

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