Meter Reading Monday – 16th December 2013

Meter Reading Monday – 16th December 2013

Hey Guys,

Sorry today’s blog is later than normal. I am feeling pretty ill today & just playing on the PS1 to try and take my mind off feeling sick.

Lets crack on…


Today’s reading is 00022.567. This means I have used 0.547 units. Seeing as I have not moved onto 23 units yet I do not need to make any payment this week to Yorkshire Water.

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As normal the meter reading is 3449, so used 0 units this week and means the bill is £0 too.

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  • Rate 1 this week is 00404, Means I have used 22 units at £0.1994 a unit = £4.39. (excluding VAT)
  • Rate 2 this week is 00101, Means I have used 4 units at £0.0768 a unit = £0.38. (excluding VAT)

This means this weeks electric total including VAT £4.93.

I turned my fridge / freezer back on this week, only for 2 weeks, for over the Christmas break. Although I knew that my usage was going to go up a little I am truly shocked to see my units have jumped up so much, this just proves how much money it costs to run a fridge / freezer (someone find me a fridge/ freezer that doesn’t use hardly any or no units lol).

Thank goodness Christmas is over after next week as I can turn it off again.

Newt x


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