Meter Reading Monday – 13th January 2018

Meter Reading Monday – 13th January 2018

Hey Guys,

This blog will be covering just under 4 weeks. From 18th December 2017 to Saturday 13th January 2018. I was unable to do it for the past few weeks due to Christmas (Monday 25th) & New Year’s day (1st January 2018)

I’m also doing it today, instead of Monday as I’m having brand new smart meters installed Tuesday morning.

Today’s meter is showing a reading of 10703, which means I have used 121 units = £21.30 (including Standing Charges) this past 4 weeks.

Today’s reading is 13068.111 which means I have used 1,745 units = £58.43 (including Standing Charges).

I’ve also made a £79.73 payment to E.ON today too, to pay for the £21.30 elec and £58.43 gas.

As this blog is covering 4 weeks I’ve needed to pay 4 weeks of standing charges….

25th December 2017 £3
1st January 2018 £3
8th January 2018 £3
15th January 2018 £3

The water meter is also showing a reading of 00075.223, which means I’ve used 2.808 units and as such, needed to make a payment for those 2 units.

4 weeks @ £3 standing charge = £12.00
2 full units @ £4 per unit = £8.00

Total: £20.00

Till Next Time,

The 0871 Man x

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