Meter Reading Monday – 11th November 2013

Meter Reading Monday – 11th November 2013

Hey Guys and welcome to another Meter Reading Monday,

First up water,

As we know Yorkshire Water have a £14 a month standing charge. Personally I think this is far too high and which is why I have “refused my supply” for mains water. I have had a number of e-mails over the last few weeks from various people talking about a “SoLow tariff“. I have spoken to Yorkshire Water about this and unfortunately they do not have this tariff, it is only for people who Anglian Water cover.

The “SoLow tariff“ sounds really good for single people or people who use little water as you have a £0 standing charge, but the unit rates are a little more.

Such a shame Yorkshire water don’t have this.

Now Gas,

I have used 0 units of gas since February 2013 and I don’t see myself using gas again any time soon to be honest.

Up until last month I was with Ebico/SSE for my gas supply, since thenI have moved as I am testing something…..

I have moved my gas supply to Scottish Power and onto a “Standard (No Standing Charge) Gas” tariff.  For this I do pay £5 a month via Direct Debit and my first payment went out on the 1st November. Over the space of a year I get money off for paying via Direct Debit that I do not get with Ebico/SSE. But since I do not use any gas the money off will go on as a credit, so after 12 months my account will be £60 in credit (the £5 a month) and whatever I get for paying via Direct Debit.

This is only a test and it may back-fire on me, but if it works cool.

Lastly electric,

There are this weeks meter readings:

  • Rate 1 reading: 00347. Which means I have used 6 units this week costing £1.11. (excluding VAT).
  • Rate 2 reading: 00093. Which means I have used 2 units this week costing £0.14. (excluding VAT).

This means this week bill including VAT is £1.31.

While I am happy this weeks bill is still under £2,  it could have been under £1 very easily. The reason is due to the cold I have had my electric blanket on again for a few days at the start of the week and again over the weekend.

I will not be using the electric blanket at all this week and will just be saving it for the weekend to see how my units change this time, this way I can work out how many units it uses roughly.

Till tomorrow,
Newt x

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