Meter Reading Monday – 10th October 2016

Meter Reading Monday – 10th October 2016

Hey Guys,

Currently I am trying to finally give up my addiction to fizzy pop, mainly Pepsi Max and Tango. I have tried a few times over the years but fail time and time again. This time I am on day 5 today and it is going pretty well to be honest, but I am having to take Anadin Extra pretty much all the time to stop these awful headaches, and the shacks, but I am told this will settle down after the first week.

Also, like I have said before over the last few weeks, sorry about the look of this website, I am slowly working on it so a few bits have been removed / hidden for the time being, and yeah, I HATE the home page too tbh.

Anyway, meter readings,


Weekly Standing Charge: £2

As for the units, today my meter is showing a reading of 00018.074, which means I have used 0.339 units this past 7 days. Very very happy with this to be honest, as I am under my new 0.500 weekly target. Still need to work on getting down to 0.250 per week like I used to be, but to be less than 0.500 (half a unit) I am very pleased with that.

As I have also hit 00018 main units today and I have needed to make a £4 payment too, plus the £2 weekly standing charge = £6 payment to Yorkshire Water.



My meter today is showing a reading of 10890.909 which means I have used 4.846 this past week.

Still using too much gas, but the good news is, the last few shopping trips I have made I have not bought any frozen food at all, and managed to use the last of it up. So now my freezer is empty, no frozen food means I do not need to waste any gas to cook it. I still have some fridge and tinned stuff to use up, but within the next few weeks I am expecting my gas usage to get lower, maybe to 2-3 units a week. It is just a matter of buying the correct food / food that does not need to be cooked much / for too long.


Electricity meter reading this week is 08265, which means I have used 8 units of electricity this past week.

This week I wont be making any payment on my energy account. Purely due to the fact I am currently in credit by £74.19, and my usage is currently at £54.26



Till next time,

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