Meter Reading Monday – 12th September 2016

Meter Reading Monday – 12th September 2016

Hey Guys,

When I lived at my old house I was so good with these weekly Meter Reading Monday blogs, but after moving in March I just can not seem to get back into the swing of things, but it is not just my Meter Reading Monday, it is the same with my surveys I enjoy doing too, I just seem to of been letting everything slip.

Last week I worked hard and are now 100% up to date with my surveys, my email inbox is all sorted out once more, at the time if this post I only have 33 emails in my inbox which is nice, as for months its been cluttered with hundreds.

Seeing as everything else is back to normal, it is time to get my meter readings up to date too……and I promise I will do these blogs weekly again now!!

water-bannerAs I have not done a Meter Reading blog since 25th July I have 7 weeks of £2 Yorkshire Water Standing Charges to pay & sort out.

7 weeks @ £2.00 per week = £14

As for the units, this week my meter is showing a reading of 00016.391, and my reading last time, on the 25th of July, was 000011.316 this means I have used 5.75 units.

5 units @ £4.00 per unit = £20

£14 Standing Charge total + £20 unit total = £34


gas-banner-sainsMy Gas reading today is 10877.905 my last gas reading was taken on 15th of August, this reading was 10862.687, this also means that the last 4 weeks I have used 15.218 units of gas since last time = £14.26.


My Electricity reading today is 08235 and my last reading was again taken on the 15th of August was 08182, this means I have used 53 units of electricity since last time = £13.50.

£14.26 (Gas) + £13.50 (Electricity) = £27.76


Ah and there we are, all up to date on my utility accounts, thank god 🙂

Till next time.

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