Me and Books – 29th July 2014

Me and Books – 29th July 2014

Hey Guys,

Today’s blog is a little bit more private and close to me, rather than my “normal” blogs on money saving and reviewing companies / websites, so I’m not sure how this will come out, but let’s give it ago anyway……

I grew up in a family who loves reading books, on a evening I would be sat in the living room watching Coronation Street, or up in my bedroom playing Crash Bandicoot on the Playstation 1 while the rest of my family would be in bed reading books, I never really understood why they loved them so much. I can read, that’s clear, but I always found books dead boring.

I remember in high-school we had Mrs Krume for English and she would always (and I mean always) moan at me for not doing any work. In-fact we did something called “silent reading” which, yep you guess it, we would sit there in silent reading our books. It really was the most useless thing in the world for people like me, who hated books.

For the first few months I managed to get round it though, As when I was at school the Harry Potter books were coming out so I could listen to the book on tape on a morning while doing my paper round, then in class just sit with the book, being bored out of my face and when the teacher asked what my book was about I could be honest and tell her, she just didn’t know that I wasn’t reading the book, but instead listening to it on tape.

Unfortunately she caught me in the end and wow she really told me off lol. Then for the next few months when it was time for English class I would be sent to inclusion. I’m not sure if other schools have inclusion or if it was just us. But it’s a room the bad kids are sent to when you have been a bit of a pain in your lesson. You are meant to do your work from the lesson in this room, but as my lesson was silent reading and I never read books, I would listen to 96.3 Radio Aire Leeds on my old Nokia phone.

The funny thing was, after a few months of inclusion I was sent back to normal English class with them thinking I had learned my lesson, but what lesson was that? I still wasn’t reading books…..

Then I remember Mrs Krume and myself having a little bit of a argument and I came out with “If reading is so important why don’t I read the god damn TV Guide” and the strange thing is, she came back with “Well why don’t ya?”

So for the rest of the year I would bring in a magazine from the paper-shop where I worked before school and would spend my English lesson reading everything from Coronation Street and the soap magazines to magazines on new games for my PS1. It was awesome, if the kid wont read books as he finds them boring why not get him to read something he enjoys? After all, reading is reading ain’t it?

After school and growing up I never read books too, as I could still see no point, friends did, when I was dating Charlie he used to really love reading Stephen King books. But as for me, I would stick to my DVD marathons of TV series. While Charlie got excited about a new Stephen King book I would get excited about having an 18 series Heartbeat marathon to watch.

And here we are now, 2014, school is long gone, Charlie is gone too, but I seem to of acquired Dan. Me and Dan have been dating since February of this year and he loves books too. Can you see a patten? Everyone in my life seems to enjoy books but me.

So decided I really need to give books a chance, I mean REAL physical books this time. I  have always listened to audio books and I am currently listening to Dawn French’s book. After chatting with Dan and searching Amazon and pretty much trying to rack my brain trying to think what type of book I would like to read and what I would enjoy reading, I decided to go for a book called ‘Turning 16’ by Perie Wolford.

I picked this book as it’s about being gay and school, coming out, little bit of bullying chucked in there too, and I don’t really know how to say this, but let’s just say it’s not the kind of book you should let your mum read :p (Plus the author looks pretty cute too hehe)

Anyhow, that’s todays blog, I was going to talk about the book ‘Turing 16’, what I though about the book and all that jazz, but this blog has been going on for too long so I will do a 2nd blog on reading it and how I get on in a few weeks.

Till then I will leave you with a screen shot of Heartbeat that I was watching this morning……

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