InboxPounds – October 2017 update

InboxPounds – October 2017 update

Hey Guy,

Today I want to talk about InboxPounds

I did a few blogs on InboxPounds last year, but I still use them and I am still really impressed. A new way to make a few easy £20’s every few months.

But for those of you who missed my old blogs. What is InboxPounds ?

Well it’s a website that pays you to send you emails (1p each), they also pay for surveys. Anything from 15p to £5 per survey. I’m sure you can understand the most you get are around the 20p-60p mark. But when you do get a £2 one it’s such a good feeling. You can also do other things on the website, take up offers etc to earn. But I only do the surveys and emails myself, so I have no experience on the offers.

Each time you get a survey it will look like this, a email in your normal email inbox.

Once you click the email, it will take you to the survey website, where you can complete the survey, and earn your reward.

In this case, I earned 20p for my survey and was sent a email to confirm this within 5mins of me finishing it.

This 20p is also added to my account, as you can see I’ve also had a 40p survey yesterday, plus had a few 1p email too which is nice…..

So yeah, that’s how the surveys work. But as for cashing out, payments. Well as my account is only at £18.31 I am not able to cash-out for another few days, till I hit that £20. So I will use screen shots from my last £20 cash out, from 8 weeks ago……

As you can see from my online account I was at £20.30, as I had reached the £20 limit I was able to cash-out this amount.

While in the past you was only able to get a cheque, these days you can pick between a Amazon voucher, or a MasterCard gift card.

I went for a MasterCard, as I had no use for any spare Amazon vouchers right now

A few days later it turned up in my Inbox, I went and used it to pay £20.30 on my council tax bill, as that is one of the things I enjoy about the Mastecards over the Amazon vouchers, you can pretty much use them anywhere!

So there we are, a nice easy way how to make a few quid. Sign up, give it a go, and let me know what you think. I have been using InboxPounds for around 4 years now with no problems 🙂

Till next time,

The 0871 Man x

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