Day Seventeen: Scary Cellar

Been a very busy day today!

I decided to have a clear out and a clean up in the cellar readying for when the man from Yorkshire Water comes this week to fit my new water meter.

I hate going into the cellar as it always scared me and I feel like a little girl! I only go down there once a year or so to check all the pipes are okay etc!

Also, for the last few days I have been finding out how much I can do with one kettle of water and turns out I can do this….

    • Half the kettle used to do the washing up (I live alone remember, so there is not much washing up to do)
    • I use ¼ of the kettle for my shave
    • I use the last ¼ to wash the kitchen floor mixed with little cold & Flash.

Also, I managed to speak to a friend of mine who works at a cash and carry in Yorkshire, and have managed to get a few cases of bottled water for free (the 500ml 24 packs), so can use that to fill the kettle so no need to use the mains water! More savings.

Which Money have tweeted a really good guide on water meters too, so if you would like to know more about them head over to read that.

Anyway that’s all for today and till tomorrow,

Lee x

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