Day Fifteen: Broken Laptop

I’m back!

Sorry I’ve not done my daily blogs over the last couple of days.

On Tuesday, my laptop charger decided to break and it’s taken a few days to get hold of a new one – they don’t sell my laptop in the UK so it was pretty hard getting a new charger, but with help from my friend Andrew and Amazon Hong Kong I managed to get one.

It was a bad time for me to be without my laptop as it is also my TV so I was unable to watch this years Brits on ITV1; but worry not, with the good old ITV Player I have managed to watch it today.

After reading THIS tweet from a friend of mine, Emsky, on Twitter I was dying to watch Robbie’s performance too, and he didn’t disappoint. But you have to admit, he always puts on an amazing show.

Anyway, that’s all today,

Till tomorrow,

Lee x

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