Day 96: Sainsbury’s

Hey guys!

Some good and bad news today.

First the bad…

My microwave decided to stop working last night. After a few calls to Sainsbury’s they agreed to give me a full refund as it is under 6 years old and they need to do this by law. The Sale Of Goods Act is a really great act of law that I use all the time. So YODEL came today to collect the broken microwave.

Now for the good news. I found aload more vouchers and coupons for Sainsbury’s I had no used that run out this month. While I already have food in the house after the shopping from last weekend I decided to just use them on frozen ready-meals & also treated myself to a curry and Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream too. So in the end managed to get £61.32 shopping for £12.85.


Anyway that’s all for today. I’ll have update on water tomorrow.

Lee xx

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