Day 94: Let’s Talk About Water…..

Hey Guys!

Before February 2013: £35 per month. After February 2013: £10-13 per month. Goal: £5 per month.

I have already done well with saving around £25 per month on my water bill, but still want to get it down to £5 per month. I’m not sure how to get it down even more seeing as I am using only 1 unit per month on average according to my new water meter I had installed in February this year.

I called Yorkshire Water on Friday last week to seek help on this. I was informed My one unit is costing around £2 per month, the remaining £8-10 per month is all charges. This means it’s impossible for me to get the water bill to under £10 a month.

I have made a formal complaint about how much they are screwing out of me in charges and are waiting for a call back today.

Not sure how this will play out as I have never had anything like this before. I don’t pay any other charges on any other bill I have!

Till tomorrow,

Lee x

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