Day 92: Busy Weekend

Hey guys!

As some of you know, I can’t stand the weekend. I find them boring as hell and just waiting for the working week to start… so this weekend I’ve decided to keep busy.

After checking some vouchers/coupons, I have I worked out some of them run out this month so I need to use them!

So I’ve split my weekly shop between Sainsbury’s and Ocado this week.

I spent £22.49 with Sainsbury’s and £43.73 with Ocado. I bought all my fresh foods including some to make homemade beef and ale pie this week from Sainsbury’s and with Ocado I bought 4 x 12pack’s of Winalot dog food for Bella and 4 x 6packs of UHT milk. (I have used UHT milk instead of fresh for about 4 years now, love it) along with a few little bits for cleaning and bathroom.


I am also in a big spring clean mood today. I have already shampooed my living room carpet with the Bissell and now I have totally emptied my bedroom (infact, my bed frame and mattress in currently in my bathroom haha, and going to shampoo the bedroom carpet this afternoon!)

Lastly, Sam Jarrett is back on 96.3 Radio Aire Leeds today after having some time off as he went to Vegas for a few weeks. The lucky git. My holiday this year will be going back over to France for a few weeks!

That’s all for today,

Lee xx

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