Day 77: Diet Chef

Hey guys!

This time last year, I was paying around £30 a month for gas, £27-£37 for electricity and £35 a month for water.

Now I have got it down to nothing for gas, under £25 for electricity and under £15 a month for water.

But I want to cut even more, and I have a plan.

Yesterday I told you how I was using up all the food I have in the house over the next few weeks including everything in the fridge and freezer; well, there is a reason for that. I will be turning them off an 1st April for two full months. I know you may think I am mad, but I have a plan.

Right now I spent £52 per week on my own food, this is for all the fruit and veg etc i have in my juice diet I am on. This works out at £204 per month.

From 1st of April I will be stopping this juice diet for eight weeks and moving onto something called Diet Chef.  They send you a box of food for four weeks, and you don’t need to keep it in the fridge or freezer. You heat the food up in the microwave and they say you lose 2lbs per week.

I am not doing this just for the weight loss I am losing around 5-6lbs per week on the juice plan I am on now. But am hoping this will save me money too on my bills.

So to round off…….I will be turning the fridge and freezer off for eight weeks. So that should save electricity.

I will not be having my juices everyday so no need to clean the juicer four times a day every day. I will not be washing up much as the new food cooks in its own packaging and you just empty it into a bowl.

I am hoping by the end of June I will of got the electricity bill down to under £20 a month and the water bill down to under £10 a month. The plan is to stay like this for the eight weeks and decide whether to carry on or not.

This maybe a step too far in cutting the bills, but we will soon see.

Till tomorrow,

Lee x

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