Day 76: Clear Out!

Hey guys!

Today is time for a food clear out…

I have taken a few cans of veg I had left, used all frozen veg I had left, emptied the fridge of the veg I had left and put it all into the slow cooker for eight hours.

I’m going to add gravy and a box of stuffing and split it up into evening meals for the next week.

I am still following my juice plan but removing the 4.00pm juice and 7.00pm juice and having a evening meal instead.

I need to clear all my food out of the kitchen and totally empty my fridge and freezer over the next few weeks. I will still be buying fruit and veg for my daily juices but will need to make sure i have no food left at all by 1st May. I will explain more in another blog in a few days as to what I am doing.

Till tomorrow,


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