Day 75: Wasting Money

Hey Guys!

I have a confession to make.

Even though I have managed to get my gas bill to zero, water to under £15 a month and electricity to under £25 a month, I am still wasting money.

I just can’t fall asleep on a night time without the TV and my laptop on.

It started when I was around 14. I would always fall asleep while watching Bid.TV and Price-Drop.TV; I didn’t buy anything as I was under age.. it was just something to watch while I drop off.

I must admit, my mum and dad hated it as when Bid.TV sold an item for £1 they would make a fuss about it and it would end up waking my parents up. If you have never seen them sell stuff for £1 watch this video on YouTube and you will know what I mean.

Now aged 24 I still can’t sleep without watching something on my laptop or listening to Radio Aire. My ex boyfriend had the same problem as he always fell asleep watching a film.

This is wasting electricity and I am going to do something about it…

Last night I could feel myself dropping off while watching The Simpsons on my laptop. I shut the laptop down and turned it off, but could not seem to fall asleep. I did after about 4 hours but by that time, it was time to wake up again.

Going to try and do it again tonight and if the same happens I will need to look for another way…….

Till tomorrow,

Lee x

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