Day 51: Shake & Vac

Hey Guys!

What a beautiful day it is today!

The sun is beating down, I have a bright yellow t-shirt and some shorts on, Bella is laying on the bed in the sun. Spring is here and it’s about time too!

But with spring it means only one thing…..time for a spring clean.

A few days ago I picked up a bottle of carpet shampoo for my Bissell carpet cleaner that I bought last year and spent most of today shampooing all the carpets.

Even though I hoover up every 2-3 days it’s still nice to give them a good shampoo, get all the ground in dirty up and leave a really nice smell after.

Oh and of course I do the Shake & Vac dance; did you also know Jedward did the dance too? Very funny.

Till tomorrow,

Lee x

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