Day 50: More Savings!

Hey Guys,

I have been so stupid it’s unreal…..

Two or three times a week I will boil the kettle, mix the water with some Cif Floor Cleaner and will fully clean the bathroom and kitchen floor. It is pointless doing it everyday as it does not get dirty, so 2-3 times a week is usually fine.

This morning after coming home with Bella from our morning walk she had pretty mucky paws and left the kitchen floor in a mess. It was 6.30am so didn’t really want to get the Cif out and all that, so decided to just grab my Sainsbury’s spray cleaner and a blue cloth. I cleaned the floor where Bella had walked on and went back to bed.


Came back down at 7.00am to get my oats for breakfast and Bella some of her breakfast and the floor actually looked clean like i had cleaned it with the Cif stuff.

I normally use the cheap spray cleaner for just wiping down the worktop, had no idea it was that good to clean the floor. I have just done the bathroom floor too and same result.

So goodbye £4.99 Cif. Hello a £1 bottle of Sainsbury’s cleaner!

As of today I will be using no water to wash the floor, no electric to boil the kettle, no water to clean the floor, just the spray and a blue cloth that I buy in bulk anyway so always have them.

More savings!!

This is a very happy Lee signing off,


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