Day 49: Bills

Hey guys!

It’s the last working day of the month today, you know what that means…..meter reading day!

First up was Water….

As you may remember, my water meter was fitted on the 28th of February, so that means this is the first full month on the meter. I have been careful with my water, but, as it was the first month I had no idea what the bill would be like. The meter reading was 00001.489, phoned up and the bill is £9.80. I am very pleased with this.

I’ve set up a Standing Order to pay £15 per month for my water anyway. So the fact I am £5 below has put a smile on my face.

Next up was gas; as always gas is not being used, gave them the reading of 03449 and the £0.00 bill will be with me next week.

Last was electric…

This is the one I was dying to find out. As you will know last year I was paying around £27 per month. I wasn’t trying to save or lower my bills, that is just how much i used. I was expecting this to increase to around £35 per month when i started this new lifestyle. Last month it was £47 and wasn’t happy at all about that. So, this month i have not put my electric heater on at all apart from the one day I was drying all my bedding. Read the meter today and had 09823, Phoned up, gave them the reading, i said to the man last months was too high so this month i want to be below £35. To my surprise it came out at £21.15. That’s 21 quid for the full month. I am well happy about this and it’s put me in a really good mood.

Can’t believe how much I have saved on electric.

Anyway, that’s all for today

Till tomorrow,

Lee x

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