Day 165: Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Day 165: Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Hey Guys!

I am having a Whose Line fest today… I started last night when I was bored on good old YouTube and the problem is, when you start with Whose Line you can’t stop.

If you have never heard of Whose Line Is It Anyway? it started off here in the UK in 1988 (the year I was born) on Channel 4. Then in 1988 it moved over to the US until 2007 when it was axed. But brought back again just this very month.

Whose line is a improv show and below are just a few of my fave games.

Bartender/Prison Visitor/Psychiatrist: Three performers arrive, one at a time, to sing about their problems to the fourth, who then replies in song. The fourth performer plays the titular role. A prop is provided in each game: a bar and drinks in “Bartender”, a set of prison bars in “Prison Visitor”, and a couch or set of stools in “Psychiatrist”. “Bartender” is played in both the US and the UK, and “Prison Visitor” and “Psychiatrist” are both played in the UK.

Hoedown: The four performers sing a hoedown about an audience-provided subject, with each performing four-line stanzas (unrelated to each other). The same basic music is always used, and the stanzas typically follow the same AABB rhyme scheme with the fourth line as a punchline. The last line of the last stanza is repeated to end the song. As a musical game that involves all four performers (regardless of their singing skills), a running gag is the performers’ legitimate hatred of the game (most notably Ryan Stiles), which they express by blatantly mocking the host, the Hoedown itself, and occasionally the other performers. When played, “Hoedown” (or its predecessors in the UK) are usually the last game before the closing credits (often the “prize” game in the US). It was first played (in an early form) in series three of the UK show.

And here are some bloopers, Just because we all love bloopers.

Till tomorrow,


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