Day 164: Meter Reading Monday

Hey Guys!

Once again, it’s Meter Reading Monday…. let’s start with water.

As you know, I brought mains water back into my life for the next few weeks. Today’s reading is 00010, that means I have used 3 units this week. While 3 units is a stupid amount of water to use in a week, I have managed to get all my carpets cleaned and shampooed, I’ve got all my washing done in the machine and also had some Ice Cold baths too. These units have cost me £8.38. If I’m honest I forgot how much water costs… over £8 for 3 units. Shocking!


Update on Yorkshire Water. I did make a formal complaint about how much water costs (£8.38 for 3 units) and Yorkshire Water did write off the £8.38 leaving me with a £0 bill.


As for Gas, that still is not being used and have a reading of 3449, so no bill.

Electricity now,

Rate 1 reading: 00060. Which means I have used 10 units this week costing £1.86.

Rate 2 reading: 00020. Which means I have used 5 units this week costing £0.35.

This means the total including VAT is £2.31. That is pretty good, but I can get lower than that. The day reading (rate 1) is still higher than the night reading. This is something I really need to try and change these next few weeks.

By the way I posted a new blog over on yesterday. Feel free to have a read and let me know what you think of my first ever film review Smile!

Till tomorrow,

Newt x

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