Day 161: Ice Baths

Hey Guys…

Over the last few months, I have been shredding a lot of skin on my arms, legs and shoulders. My Doctor said that it is due to my weight loss, and my skin is shredding to fit my body. I don’t agree with him; I feel that my old skin is falling off and my new skin is coming though due to the fruit and veg juices.

Last night I was searing for body exfoliating gloves, as I remember a few people using them on Big Brother a few years ago (Lisa & Mario) to help get rid of dead skin. However, I ended up reading about something called Ice Baths.

I then decided to turn my mains water on and filled the bath up with cold water. (Remember, I stopped  warm water in February and turned my water off completely in May).

I took it very slow as I didn’t want to shock my body so much and have a heart attack. I first just stood in the cold water, then kneeled down, then fully sat down. At this point it felt just amazing. I can’t explain it, but it just felt really good. I then started to fully lay down and again, this was fine till my shoulder-blades hit the water, then I started to get  pain in my arms.

Even though I did get that little bit of pain, it really does feel amazing. My skin is so so soft; and it must be true what they say, warm water does dry the skin out!

Due to how amazing it made me feel, I will be having a Ice Bath every day for the next week so I get my body used to it. I have also phoned Yorkshire Water and informed them for the next month I will be using water and they are okay with that and will bill me at the end of the month.

Till next time,

Newt x

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