Day 160: Printer

Hey Guys!

One thing has been bugging me these last few weeks is my HP printer/scanner.

It sits here and, while it does get used for parcels, I don’t really send any letters anymore – it’s much easier to  do everything via social media and through emails.

Last week I was having a moan about this to a friend, Dave, Parcel Force. I said I only use the printer for labels that I stick on parcels, and it’s taking up too much room on my spare desk.

He offered me a perfect solution…. He said if make sure I send all my parcels with him, he would print the labels at the depot and bring them with him to stuck them on when he collects them.

We have been doing this last week and this week and it works really well. I am now saving money on paper/labels, money on ink that was costing £21 every two months and money on electricity for the printer to run…. yet more savings.

So, now seeing as I do not need the printer I have boxed it up and sold it to a friend of mine. The same friend who buys my Big Box Of Things.


Till tomorrow,

Newt x

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