Day 159: More Readings

Hey Guys!

Three weeks since I changed meters,  we are finally back in action and I can do my usual readings.

My gas reading is still 3449. This reading has not changed since February 2013.  It’s really amazing and I do feel proud of myself that I have had no gas bills for five months now.

My water reading is 00007 still and no mains water has been used since May. I must admit, I do love having no water bills, but it’s hard. I fear I may need to bring mains water back into my life in a few months, although I’m trying my best to hold off till April 2014.

Finally, electricity. Rate 1: 00050 (Day) £9.29 Rate 2: 00015 (night) £1.04

These readings are from the 28th June to 17th July (today) and they mean I have used £10.84 (including the VAT) in just under three weeks, which is amazing. I am so proud of myself. It could of been better if I was able to sleep in the day more and save more electricity that way, but I am very happy anyway. It just means when the heat does calm down and I am able to sleep in the day time my bills will go down even more!

Till tomorrow,

Newt x

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