Day 142: Cleaning

Hey Guys!

I spent some of last night catching up with ITV’s This Morning on  ITV Player and there was a debate on should you shower every day or not.

showershower 2

Must admit, I was very interested on this. Phil and Ruth asked viewers to vote in a online poll. At the start of the chat 37% of the people said you should, but by the end of the ten minute debate,  this had dropped to 24%.

The women in the light blue top was saying how she only had a shower maybe once a week but has a “strip down wash” every night while the women in the dark blue was saying that was sick and that you need to have a full shower every day.

I did find it interesting how while the discussion was going on more and more people was agreeing that you don’t need to shower everyday and I agree with them.

As readers of this blog will know, I have not had a bath or shower since the start of February 2013. Instead I have a strip wash every night and wash over my face, private parts, under arms etc again on a morning. The women in light blue did not say she does this. But I do as I like to make sure I am fully clean.

I would like to see more and more of this kind of stuff on TV as it does help people save money and get the bills down. But also improving your own health too.

Till tomorrow,

Newt xx

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