Day 141: New Meter

Hey Guys!

Here we are, Saturday the 29th and the new meter has been installed.

Must admit, it’s not what I was thinking it would look like. I was excepting two meter dials, but instead it’s one and you push a button instead.


You can see from the photo there is number 1 at the left, then 00000 next to it. At the right in the middle is a blue button, this is the one I need to press to change the screen.

The meter as above shows rate 1 (for daytime) with a reading of 00000. If I pressed the blue button again the 1 would change to 2 and would have rate 2 (for night time) and a reading of 00000.

If I carried on pressing the blue button next up I would get the time on the meter (It is currently 1 hour out. This is down to the UK being on British Summer Time and in the winter when our clocks change again the meter will be correct.

All in all I am happy with the meter. I have been told by SSE/Ebico that it takes two weeks for the system to be updated so I can’t call in with my weekly readings for two weeks.

Till tomorrow,

Newt xx

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