Day 129: Meter Readings

Hey guys!

It’s Meter Reading Monday, so time to go down to the big scary cellar and read some meters.

First up water


Water has now not been used since 22nd May 2013, and the reading is still 00007 and I wanted to show you the “stop-cock”. You can see the photo on the right is a tap, that is the stopcock, every house has one. Yours might be in the cellar or under the sink. This is used to turn the main water off in the house incase you have hit a pipe or have some sort of flood. This is the tap Yorkshire Water should of put a sealed lock on it. But they have just turned it off and left it; due to this blog and the lifestyle changes I am doing, they trust me to use no water.

Next up gas….


My gas has not been used since February 2013…. The reading is still 3449 and still have no bills. I was asked a few months ago if I wanted the gas to be fully turned off but said no. I hope to bring gas into my life next year, and maybe use one unit a month or something… but between now and April 2014 it is not being used and I’m not paying a penny.

Lastly, electricity.


I am still using my electricity…. the reading last Monday was 10121, and today’s reading is 10144 as this means I have used 23 units in the last 7 days, which equates to £3.60 (including VAT). That’s amazing for a full week of electricity and my laptop is pretty much on 24/7!

Just think… on the 28th of this month, I am getting my E7 meter installed. Really can’t wait to see if my electricity goes any lower still!

Till tomorrow,

Lee xx

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