Day 126: The Big Box Of Things

Hey Guys.

A few months ago I told you about The Big Box Of Things, where I go around my house, pick up anything I have not used in the last month or anything that has broken and pack it into a box, which I then sell to a friend. He then re-sells on eBay etc and also keeps bits for himself.

He sometimes makes a loss on the £30-£40 I sell the boxes for, but sometimes he does make good money.


Today I am sending two boxes down to him via Parcel Force. I like doing this as I have too much stuff and I’m trying my best to be a minimalist – in return, I get a good bit of money for my old junk!

He has a broken DVD/VHS copies in today’s lot, but I always tell him what he is getting and I know he will fix it and resell too. I do get alot of freebies sent to me as you will know if you have me on Twitter or Facebook and I do chuck them in the box too.

aIt’s nice to walk around the house not falling over things anymore!!

Till next time,

Lee xx

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