Day 123: My New Life

Hey guys!

In February 2013, I turned my gas off. In May 2013, I turned my water off. Now, as we enter June 2013, it’s time for an even bigger change.

As you may now, I’m currently with Ebico/SSE for my electricity as they do not have a standing charge unlike the bigger companies. I have a unit rate of 15.72p including VAT.

Just put that into context, in the last 3 weeks I have used 68 units of electricity. On Ebico/SSE, this has cost me £10.81. With my previous provider, NPower, I would have paid £13.49.

While I am pleased with paying £10.81 for the last three weeks, I still want to cut it more.  After spending a few days checking into things, I found something called a “E7 meter”. This meter gives dirt cheap unit rates overnight and pretty high prices in the daytime.

Upon phoning Ebico/SSE, I was told the “E7 Meter” rates are between 12.00am – 7.00am 7.31p per unit and 7.01am – 11.59pm 19.51p per unit (all including VAT), including a £0.00 standing charge.

So I could have my electricity at 7.31p per unit instead of 15.72p per unit if I change my routine again; and yep, you’ve guessed it…. I will be changing things again. I have booked SSE in for 28th of June 2013. They will be removing my normal meter and installing the “E7 Meter”.

I am still planning my new routine, but this is a rough draft of how things will go:

7.00am – 11.30am: Take my dog on a two-hour walk. Check morning post, do some reading etc. Only electricity that will be used is for the running of the fridge and freezer.

11.30am – 6.30pm: Fall asleep listening to some music on the solar powered radio I use and have a good seven-hour sleep. Again only electricity would be the fridge and freezer.

6.30pm – 12.00am: Have another walk with the dog, listen to some music, do some reading, chat with friends via my mobile. Only electricity that will be used is for the fridge and freezer.

12.00am – 7.00am: Turn the internet and router on, do all my normal work on the laptop, have my normal life; watch some DVD’s, make food, catch up with Corrie on ITV Player and do the things I normally do while using dirt cheap electricity and make sure I turn everything of again for 7.00am – 7.30am.

Some people do live this way, as I remember watching this on BBC News a few years ago and I guess I am lucky; as I work for myself, I can work at the night time instead of daytime.

This could backfire, but I’m optimistic that it will pay off.

Till tomorrow,

Lee xx

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