Day 110: Broadband

Hey Guys!

Todays blog is something a little different; my phone line and broadband bill.

If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I have been with TalkTalk Business for around three years, and I’ve been very happy due to the fact they have UK call centres – one of my pet hates is companies using overseas call centres.

Last week I found out TalkTalk Business had moved some of their staff to the Philippines – I only discovered this as I called to pay my monthly bill and ended up with nothing but trouble.

I did put a formal complaint in as I felt I had been miss-sold my phone line and broadband as I made it clear on the sales call I wanted to be with a company who have UK call centres.

The following day I had a e-mail saying I could leave TalkTalk Business even though I was in a contract without having to pay a fee. Perfect.

Next step was to move. After a few days getting quotes, checking support from the companies, Googling reviews I found Plusnet.

Plusnet was able to offer me the same as what TalkTalk Buisness was giving me, but cheaper – £19.99 per month for phone line rental, unlimited broadband and free weekend calls which I don’t get with TTB.

While checking into, Plusnet I also found that the call centre are not only in the UK, but in Yorkshire, the home of Heartbeat and Yorkshire Tea. Can things get better?!

Well, yes they can. After singing upto Plusnet I found out I got £80.00 cashback.


Just perfect! I’m very pleased with this move,

Till next time,

Lee xx

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