Day 101: No Water

Hey guys,

Before February 2013: £35 per month. After February 2013: £10-13 per month. Goal: £5 per month.

Today is a update on my water problem.

Last week I found out I am currently paying £2 per month for water and the remaining £8-10 per month is all charges for having water. Everyone pays these charges and they just accept them. But I do not want to pay them.

After a few phone calls I finally managed to speak to a manager and we spoke about what I use water for, I told her it is simple, I only just flush the loo and fill the kettle & I refuse to being forced to pay these charges.

I asked to be cut off from the normal water & asked to only be charged for Sewage at £47 per year as this would be under my £5 per month goal.

At first they refused as the water act says every house must have fresh drinking water. But, after a number of phone calls and a number of managers getting involved we found out houses can get turned off from mains water if they request, but as no one in Yorkshire has made this request in 37 years they have no idea how to-do it.

For me this would be ideal. I get 122 bottles of free water every 3 months anyway so i will just top-up the loo with bottled water and use bottled water for the kettle too.

While I admit this is in no way normal, nothing has been normal with this new lifestyle, but it’s working and actually improving my own heath too.

As of right now Yorkshire Water is trying to find a way to make my request happen. They are in the middle of working out a way to turn me off. They may need to go into my cellar, turn the main water tap off and just put a sealed key lock on there so I can’t turn it back on again until I request it back on again.

I must admit… this is pretty exciting.

Lee x

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