Cash 4 minutes Review – 10th July 2014

Cash 4 minutes Review – 10th July 2014

Hey Guys,

So a few weeks ago I did a blog about how I now have a landline and broadband again. This monthly cost is £22.40 per month (Unlimited broadband, line rental, plus unlimited calls to 01,02,03,0845,0870 numbers). As we all know I hate to have bills and I am always trying to find ways round them and I have. In-fact I am now using my phone line to make a few quid, as well as covering the £22.40 for my phone bill, and you too can do it, but before we get too excited let me explain what I do…

I was contacted via Twitter by a company called Cash 4 minutes. I checked the website and it looked too good to be true, so I then checked the twitter account and it was a new account, they also had a US account too and so I left it and didn’t do anything about it.

Photo 1

Then a few weeks later I was sent an e-mail, again telling me about this website and again I checked the site etc and it was just too good. Make money for calling a phone number? Yea right. But something at the back of my head said “Go on, give it ago” as what could I lose? apart from my time as I wasn’t paying for the calls anyway.

So I signed up, added my landline phone number and started to make the calls to test it out.

This is how it works…

I pick up the phone, call the number on the website (it’s a 0845 or sometimes a 0870 number), I then listen to a message that says “welcome to cash for minutes. This is a unique service which allows you to earn cash simply by listening to our radio broadcast. We currently have 9 radio broadcasts available. So using your telephone keypad press keys 1 to 9 to select which radio stream you wish to listen to.”

I then press key number 8 (for Talk Sport), then pop the phone on loudspeaker and carry on with my work while having the radio on in the background (via the phone). After 50mins I always hang up and call back again as I only get 60mins of free calls to the 0845/0870 numbers as I don’t want to get changed for them.

Then after each call the calls shows up on my cash4minutes online account, each time I hit £5.00 I can request a payment. You can get payments via paypal, Bitcoin, Litecoin and a few other ones, but I take mine via Amazon voucher as to feed my Amazon DVD addiction! Lol

So if you get free calls to 0845, 0870 numbers then please give it a go, I’m lucky as I work from home so I can make these calls all day while I sit at my desk, do work and watch my DVDs.

While at the start it might seem strange, but you get used to it. Like when I used to work at the Co-Op In Oakwood, Leeds. We had a 2 hour radio show repeated all day everyday and after a while it becomes normal.

I know a few of you will be thinking it’s a scam, like I did at first. So let me show you a few screen shots.

First is my online account with cash4minutes, this screen shot is my payments page, as you can see since the 3rd June I have had £69, with my phone and broadband costing £22, I have made £47 in the last 4 weeks by listening to Talk Sport, it’s crazy!!!!

Photo 2

Next up is the payments setting page, this is the page you pop your information in. As I get mine via Amazon voucher I have my Amazon e-mail address sat in there.

Photo 3

On the payment screen shot you can see the latest payment I requested was on the 8th July at 11.16pm, now below you can see the Amazon Voucher e-mail I was sent.

Photo 4

There we are, proof, it’s crazy as anything, I am listening to Talk Sport and it’s paying for my DVDs. There is just one last thing I want to mention, why there paying people to listen.

Well, from what I believe, the radio stations pays cash4minutes for listeners, then cash4minutes pays us a good chunk of the money they get. But why would radio stations do that some of you might be asking. Well radio stations have adverts, to get companies to advertise on the radio the station wants high listener numbers and that’s how the radio stations go about on doing that, by getting people like me to listen. I know £69 for 4 weeks is not millions, but for listening to the radio, come on, it’s crazy lol.

I will do a follow up blog in a few months, but for now, that’s it, why not give it a go? Oh and just so you know the system does not work on weekends, not sure why, but the 0845 numbers work 24 hours a day Monday – Friday and the 0870 numbers work 8.00am – 6.00pm Monday – Friday and make sure you do get free calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers as if you don’t you will be paying for these calls.


4 thoughts on “Cash 4 minutes Review – 10th July 2014

  1. Hi, my friend has recommended me to this cash4minures. How has this been for you are you still listening and getting paid?

    • Hi Ryan,

      Yep I’m still doing it now & still being paid. I’ve moved from getting Amazon vouchers to paypal, but that’s the only change I’ve made. I’ll do a update blog next week 🙂

  2. I don’t get free calls so I did the texting one, it was fine till O2 started charging for texts and didn’t tell me, the numbers are in Jersey and I got charged £128 which is much more than I had earned, be careful!

    • Post Author Newt


      I would not recommend anyone do the text’s as they are not UK mobile numbers. If you check the website it does say “We strongly advise that you check with your provider that you are not being billed extra for making these SMS messages. Please send test SMS messages first before fully utilising this service.”

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