27th August 2013 – Telecom Tuesday

27th August 2013 – Telecom Tuesday

Hey guys & welcome to Telecom Tuesday,

Little upset with myself  this week as I have made 4 phone calls Sad smile


0161 475 2846 – £0.23 – This is Moorcroft Debt recovery Ltd.
I use this company to collect debts when my clients don’t pay me.  Normally I contact them via e-mail, but this week for some unknown reason I phoned them instead. I was on the phone maybe about half a minute but Plusnet always round up….to screw more money out of us lol

0844 2096 177 – £1.26 – This was to Parcel Force Leeds.
Normally I would contact Parcel Force via Twitter like I do with Royal Mail and the ever useless Yodel, but this was important as it was Bella’s dog food order and I needed it that day. Sadly Parcel Force twitter team only work till 4.00pm for some strange reason (even though the telephone people are on till between 5.30pm – 6.00pm) and as such I needed to phone the rip-off 0844 number. I do really hate these rip-off numbers. But as this was important and I could not find the Leeds number I needed to phone it.

0303 123 1113 – £0.40 – This is the ICO.
I have a complaint in with the Information Commissioner’s Office regarding The CEO of Leeds City Council (Tom Riordan) posting my private information on Twitter and I just needed a update on this case, so I did need to make this call.

My goal is to get my monthly plusnet bill to the basic £19.99, but it’s going to be hard if I keep having weeks like this…….

Till tomorrow,

Newt x

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