26th August 2013 – Meter Reading Monday

26th August 2013 – Meter Reading Monday

Hey Guys,

Here we are again, Meter Reading Monday. I must admit, I do like Mondays, but today is Bank Holiday and  it is so boring. We are in 2013 now, we should not need Bank Holiday’s any more apart from 2 days as Christmas.

Anyway back to why we are here… Gas,

The gas reading has not changed again, still 3449 and it has been like that since February, that’s 7 months with no heating, gas cooker, hot water and I don’t miss it at all. I enjoying the money savings too much.


Water has not changed since May. BUT, this may change next month. I may be taking part in some market research and for this I will need to use the washing machine so will be turning water on for that. Remember though, this may not happen, I have applied and just hoping I have been accepted, will find out this week.


  • Rate 1 reading: 00166. Which means I have used 20 units this week costing £3.72(excluding VAT).
  • Rate 2 reading: 00050. Which means I have used 6 units this week costing £0.42 (excluding VAT).

This means this week bill including VAT is £4.34

I have used 1 extra unit for rate 1 this week. Last week I used 19 units and this week I used 20. As for rate 2, used 6 units again, for the 5 week running. I do find it pretty funny how it seems to stay on 6 units, but my goal is to still get day units lower and night rate higher.

Till tomorrow for Telecom Tuesday,

Newt x

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