20th August 2013 – Telecom Tuesday

20th August 2013 – Telecom Tuesday

Hey Guys and welcome once more to Telecom Tuesday,

As we all know by now my basic monthly bill with Plusnet is £19.99 including the good old VAT.

However I do pay for each and every call I make and you you know I am trying my best to make this STOP and my goal is to get my calls down to £0 so my monthly bill will be £19.99.

Lets take a look at what calls I have made in the past 7 days:


As you can see I have made just one call this week and to make matters worse it was to a 087 number.

This call was to Vodafone, normally I would contact Vodafone on Twitter and ask them to call me (you might remember this tip from last weeks blog), but since I needed to contact a certain special department regarding an error on my credit file and sadly that was the only number I could find.

So yes, I am pretty unhappy off with myself for not having 0 calls this week but this time it could not be avoided, but will try for 0 paid calls next week.

Till tomorrow,

Newt x

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