2013 Round up – Part 3 (October – December)

2013 Round up – Part 3 (October – December)

Hey Guys welcome to the final part of my 2013 round up,

Now all the media stuff had calmed down I could start getting back to normal again. I still did a few radio interviews a week, but it really did calm down and I was happy with it as it was all getting a bit too much.

Late September / Early October a Twitter friend of mine, Steve, tweeted something about Thames Water. I replied to this tweet with “Yorkshire Water tried to change me £14 a month standing change so I told them to cut me off” and included a link to my blog. Steve re-tweeted my comment and well…….

You guessed it … that set it all off again. My e-mail inbox went mad, the phone went crazy. I could not believe it.

Unlike last time, this time I was prepared. I knew that the way I live is not normal, and with this knew that I may get some hate tweets. With this in mind I refused a lot of the media requests.

I sold the story to 1 newspaper, I gave one interview to a online news company and did 3 radio interviews only, and I turned down everything else.

I did get a lot of hate, loads of people saying I must smell, why am I doing this, am I not normal. My dog should be taken away. I must admit It was very upsetting.

I don’t have a thick skin at all. When I walk about in town I cross over the road to avoid gangs of Kids.

One of the radio interviews I did was BBCLeeds again (at this point it was my 5th time on BBCLeeds) and I asked if I could go into the studio. They agreed and the chat ended with the presenter informing the listeners that I don’t smell and I gave away some of the tips I use to shower for free.

Once I finished at BBCLeeds, 96.3 Radio Leeds came to pick me up. They took me home and I recorded another piece for them.

I had spent all year trying to get my Yorkshire Water story on Radio Aire, but they didn’t want to know and they blanked most of all my tweets. They only spoke to me AFTER the story was massive.

This just goes to show. Local Radio Stations, don’t blank your fans on Twitter as they may have a story for you.

With the start of November and a quiet week of two, I was contacted by Channel 4 to be part of a 1 hour documentary, at first I said yes. After some consideration and about week later I changed my mind, this would have been massive, putting my in such a big spotlight and I would get even more hate than I could handle. This was not a risk I was willing to take, so I said thank you and goodbye to that chance.

So here we are now, the end of the year. I do still do the odd radio and TV interview, but I also turn down a lot too. It just shows that when a story brakes it really does take over your life and like with all things good things and bad things come along with it.

With 2014 now around the corner what will it bring?

The answer to this is I really have no idea……but seeing how crazy 2013 has been, just shows pretty much anything can happen, and your world can truly be turned upside down in an instant.

My dreams for 2014?

I would like to go in to a TV or radio station, and do some behind the scenes work and get the chance to bump into One Direction. Louis can call me any-time, he can even have my private number :p

Until 2014,

Newt x

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